Beijing Olympic Torch

Jetting the Olympic Flame, known as the Olympic Torch Relay, to the Beijing, China 2008 Olympic Games promised to be no simple matter. Generally, the Torch Relay has got longer and more complex with every Olympic event.

Olympic Games, Beijing, 2008

Olympic Games, Beijing, 2008

This complexity is driven by realization of host-country citizens that it is a rare opportunity to have the Olympic torch pass through your hometown and the corresponding goal of the Olympic Committee to touch as many lives as possible in a positive way.

The 2008 Olympic Torch Relay was lit on March 24, 2008 in Greece at the site of the first modem-day Olympic Games. The flame’s global four-month Journey of Harmony culminated with a spectacular end to the Opening Ceremony of the games with the lighting of the cauldron at the Bird’s Nest Stadium in Beijing just after midnight on August 8th 2008.

The flame travelled 37,000 kilometres, the longest distance of any Olympic torch relay since the tradition was started ahead of the 1936 Summer Olympics, through 130 cities across 6 continents in 130 days.

The torch travelled in a chartered Air China Airbus A 330 painted in the red and yellow colours of the Olympic Games. The Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee sent out a team of 30 unarmed attendants selected from the People’s Armed Police to escort the flame throughout its journey, and their main job was to keep the Olympic flame alight throughout , the journey, and to assist in transferring the flame between torches, lanterns and cauldrons. Coca-Cola, Samsung and Lenovo were the main sponsors of the torch relay.


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