Implementing Strategy Through Project Management Tools

Since strategic plans are usually developed at the executive level, implementation by middle level managers is often a problem due to poor understanding of the organization’s capabilities and top management’s expectations. However, bottom-up development of departmental goals and future plans invariably lacks the vision of the overall market and competitive environment.

At one of the largest software project organizations in India, this problem is avoided by closely tying project management tools to the organizational strategy. The resulting system provides a set of checks and balances for both top management executives and project managers.

Intuition Word Cloud

Intuition Word Cloud

Overseeing the system is the Software Engineering Process Group (SEPG) that helps senior management translate their strategic goals and objectives into project management performance, budget, and schedule targets. These may include new product development, upgrading information systems, or, identifying best practices, lessons learned, and areas of further improvement. SEPG also works with the project teams to develop their plans, monitoring activities, and reports to ensure they are aligned to the organization’s overall strategic intentions.

The primary benefit of this system has been the organization’s ability to translate and implement senior management’s strategic goals into tasks and activities. There is constant review and re-evaluation of organizational initiatives and resources in terms of the overall strategic plans, which enables senior management to further plan, track and adjust strategy through feedback provided by the system.

Source: Pankaj Jalote, CMM in Practice, pp. 22-26, Pearson Education, 2000.

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